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Our products help educate, inspire imagination and build self-esteem in children.

About Our Company - I Can't Believe It's Me...

Larry and Beverly Schochet started their personalized children's gift business in 1995 with just 12 books and lots of ideas about their new and exciting business. Over the years, our inventory has grown from books to banners, music, cartoons, coloring books, free coloring pages and our new favorite, the singing stuffed animals!

In addition to participating in numerous craft shows, home shows, county fairs, and Junior League events throughout the Southwest, we have led a number of fund-raising reading programs with various sponsors throughout Phoenix, AZ to help children develop their reading skills. A personalized gift becomes every child's favorite keepsake for years to come.

Many people have asked us how we came up with our company name. We can't take all the credit since it was our youngest son who was looking at one of the books we made with his name in it and said...

i can't believe it's the story!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the website, please contact us.

Larry and Beverly Schochet